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E Z Eye Drop Applicator Strips
Eze Eye Drop Applicator Strips

Eze Eye Drop Applicator Strips

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Cataract, Glaucoma, AMD and other eye drop users can use E-Z DROPS eye drop applicator strips (4 strips per pack). EZY-DROPS is the do-it-yourself eye drop application strip that saves you time and money! An aid to independent living! E-Z DROPS is designed by an ophthalmic professional so you have no more wasted eye drops
EZ DROPS applicator makes it nearly impossible to miss the eyeball, a mirror surface and bulls eye target makes sure you get the necessary dosage saving you money on wastage.

EASY DROP APPLICATOR makes taking eye drops easy saving you time and money. You can use the E Z applicators with any type of eye drop bottle so everyone benefits from using E Z drops.

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