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Ethos Elan Vital (Ignotine)
Ethos Elan Vital

Ethos Elan Vital (Ignotine)

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Ethos Élan Vital is a Super Antioxidant which works over the entire body, including the eyes. It helps to rejuvenate cells and repair cellular damage, so effectively gives double action protection. By taking Ethos Élan Vital regularly, the majority of people soon start to notice other excellent benefits in different areas besides their eyes.

Benefits of Ethos Elan Vital :
- Protection of skin and fights wrinkles
- Wound Healing
- Brain Protection
- Improves Calcium Response
- Cellular DNA Protection
- Lowers Blood Pressure
- Improves immune system
- Converts body fat into energy
- Protects and restores body after alcohol and drug abuse

Direction for use:
The best way to take Ethos Elan Vital is in small amounts throughout the day, either mixed with water or fruit.1-3 grams a day is recommended depending on age and health problems, those with more serious conditions 5-7 grams a day.

What is Ethos Elan Vital?
Elan Vital Ignotine is fermented in large vats using friendly bacteria, a lot like probiotics. It is harvested, dried, processed and refined. Ignotine is 99.9% pure and the very purest on the planet. Not all Ignotines are manufactured to our highest quality and standards.

Actions of Ignotine:
- Ignotine inhibits the activity of MAO B (monoamine oxidase B) which is an enzyme involved in breaking down some brain messengers (such as dopamine and serotonin)
- Ignotine enhances memory function of the brain cells and stops the over stimulation of certain receptors which in some situations can lead to strokes.
- Ignotine enhances various aspects of the immunity and protects cells from damage from variety of toxins produced by oxygen.
- Ignotine protected cellular DNA better than any other antioxidant under the stress of toxic levels of oxygen.

Customer Testimonials

Sergio - Madrid, Spain
I have red a lot about the healthy diet we eat in Spain but it still does not stop me getting old. I use the Internet a lot and tried to find something that could help me to look better as my skin was starting to look dry and my face was getting wrinkles. I know I cannot stop getting old but I found Ethos Heaven and began to use Elan Vital and it has certainly started to help me. All my friends have said that I look better and because of that I feel better. I am sure that my friends will try what I have bought.

Julie - Harrogate, UK
If there is a bug going around, I seem to catch it every time. I have never liked to take medicine for something my dad used to call just a bad cold. When I thought about improving my diet and perhaps taking some type of supplement to help improve my health, I mentioned that to a friend who recommended Ethos Heaven. I decided to buy Elan Vital and I must say that it seems to have done the trick. Last winter which was very cold and wet was not much fun but I managed to avoid catching a single cold and I put that down to Ethos. Thanks, guys.

Kurt - New Jersey, USA
I don't believe in magic cures but I have to admit that once I started using Elan Vital that I found online, my overall health has improved, even if I still feel tempted by hot dogs and coke on a regular basis. It is the American way! I began taking Elan Vital a year ago and it seemed to give me a boost almost immediately. I have stuck with it and have never regretted it.

Don - Chicago, USA
I am middle aged and suddenly realized that I was looking older, almost overnight. My doctor told me that my blood pressure was not good and I should think about having a healthier diet and taking some exercise. I love steaks as well as sweet things but decided that I should take her advice. One of the things I did was to look for healthy supplements because my favorite ball team players talk about how they use them to help their fitness. The one I found that I have been taking for six months now is Elan Vital which I bought online from Ethos. It has certainly helped me and I feel a whole lot better. I recently went back for a medical check to see if my blood pressure was still a problem and my doctor thought that it had certainly improved since he last saw me. Great news.

Annie - Adelaide
I try to stay out of the sun during the summer because I know the dangers that too much can bring, never mind the fact that skin can dry up. Some people use creams for that. I use Elan Vital from Ethos and no one can persuade me that it has not helped me stay young.